General Info


Contact me via Twitter or DeviantArt please


Usual Canvas size is 2000x2000px – 4000x4000px
If you want a bigger size you need to pay extra!
For every +1000px it will cost you 5€ more.


Will draw:

  • I will draw in my own Style.
  • Only Girls (Im not so good at drawing boys, if u want one instead of this I can do one)
  • Kemonomimi (people with animal features)
  • NSFW (only female stuff)
  • Simple Background

Wont draw:

  • Mecha
  • Muscles
  • Furry
  • Porn
  • Gore
  • Detailed Backgrounds


  • I accept PayPal only.
  • I will invoice you for all PayPal payments
  • After you get the sketch you have to pay
  • I do not give refunds

Pay after I accept your commission via the donation tool on my DeviantArt Page


Work Progress:

  • I’ll do max. of 2 Commissions at a time
  • If you need to change anything about your commission, tell me before I start!
  • If you need a commission completed by a certain date, please tell me beforehand
  • If you want to see the progess of your commission, ask me and I’ll send u a picture of it
  • Please do not rush me! Usually I need 2 weeks to finish one commission (or faster), but it can take up to a month!
  • When I’m done with the commission, I will send you the full resolution picture.

You can post the picture, set it as a Icon or whatever you want but you are not allowed to remove the watermark!
I would 
appreciate If you credtit me!

I have the full copyrights of the drawing and can post this artwork on my pages.
But I will give credtit that you commissioned me If you want that!